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Hooligan Racing LLC Restoration Decals:


     Our extensive line of restoration decals was originally created for use on our own projects. Each decal has been painstakingly researched and is based on real examples found on unrestored Alfa Romeos. The Giulietta owners of the world have generously provided many examples for us to duplicate so as to make them available to fellow enthusiasts around the world.


     Each decal is a work of art printed on a vinyl peel and stick base stock. They are produced for us in small batches by an outdoor sign company. They are very durable and quite weatherproof. You will find examples of our decals on many of the finest restored Giuliettas in the world. Many of our decal examples are available nowhere else.*


*Bill and Don Gillham

Decal Catalog

Decal Ordering 

       Thank you for your interest in our Alfa Romeo Decals. Our Decals are available for sale either as individual decals ordered from the catalogue, or as a complete decal kit for 750 and 101 series cars. All 750 and 101 kits are custom matched to the original equipment of your individual Alfa.

       We prefer to accept payment via Paypal invoice. All decal shipping is via USPS Priority mail.  Each Kit is postage paid to USA addresses. Please add $4.00 for shipping to Europe Asia, Africa, South America, Australia and New Zealand


A nice discussion of my decals can be found at: alfabb



       750 and 101 series Decal Kits are $85.00 post paid to USA , please add $4.00 for shipping to addresses outside the USA.



       To order a Decal Kit please answer the following Questions and include them in the contact box below. To order Individual decals write you inquirys in the contact box. We will email you back to finalize the order. Payment will be arranged via a Paypal invoice.*

*(we do not save or sell contact information, we value your privacy).


1. What is the Model Type and Year of your car?


2. Normale, Veloce or SS?


3. What color is your car?* 

*(We have Salchi, Italivar, and Duco Decals in various color codes and more generic decals for rarer colors).


4. Brake Canister Decal needed.*

*(We can choose this for you based on the year and model of your Alfa if you wish or     don't know which decal you need).


5. What Oil filter housing does it have?*

 *(Choice of FRAM, (Bronze, or Black on Orange), FISPA, (several styles) and COMIT).


6. What Wheels do you run?*

*(Borrani (oval hole) or FERGAT (triangular hole) wheels)?**

**We have Carlo Borrani SpA decals and FERGAT decals, with a choice of white or clear background. We also have the CMR Decal for late 101 Borrani style wheel and the FERGAT decal for early 105 wheels with the blue world background.


7. What Coil Decal is needed?*

       *(Marelli, (Correct for Giulietta Veloce, SS & SZ), Bosch, (yellow oval decal correct for            101 / 105 Giulia).


8. Which Regulator Decal do you need?*

       *(I have both Marelli and Bosch decals, Lucas didn’t use one).


9. Do you have the stock Air Canister?*

*(Correctly numbered versions of FISPA Air Cleaner decals are available for Normale, Veloce. and SS. We also have a very nice Aluminum Tag for 750 and 101 Normales. Normally We will send the proper decal depending on model and year. We can also furnish a very nice Fram Decal for early 105 air Cleaners, and a Fispa Decal for later 1 05s. We also make a nice set of Fispa decals for later Euro style air cleaners).


10. Does your car have a Bendix style Electric Fuel Pump?*

*(Facet still produces a nice Bendix style fuel pump, peeling the Facet decal off and replacing it with our Bendix decal duplicats the original fuel pump)


11. Do you need a Battery Decal?*

*( We can provide decals for SAFA or Magneti Marelli in yellow.)


12. Do you need a Washer Bag or Bottle decal?*

*(We have a Tudor decal for hanging bags and a Tudor Logo for the plastic bottle used on many early Giuliettas Sprints, Ti, and Berlinas. Other brands of washer bag decal are in production)


13. Other decals included in kit are: *

*(Large Lubrication Recommendation decal (if needed), Seat belt decals, IPRA heater decal, Pirelli Hose decals, Pirelli Fan Belt Decal, Battaini Jack decal and the gear oil decals for the transmission and differential, If requested we can provide the correct Girling Shock Decals for both front and rear shocks. An "Alfa Romeo Made in Italy" (black on white) decal is also available for late production 101 Giulias and 105 Duettos, check the drivers door jam).


Note: We do not produce aluminum Made in Italy or Model / Lubrication plates at this time.*

*(Nice reproductions of these items are available from other sources).


14. Please include your Shipping address.


Please Include the answers to the above questions in the contact box below

Ordering Decals

Success! Message received.

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