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Restoration Photos and Videos

     Rust-Up Restorations can be a time consuming, indepth process and occasionally even dangerous. Until the old paint is off the car and it is clean, you just don't know what you are going to find; rockers and framework packed full of acorn shells by a squirrel, sketchy body work, more then forty pounds oflead slathered on the nose of a car, aluminum and wood screw patches are just some of the things I have seen over the years.

     Below are a few examples chronicling the journey cars go through to go from a wreck to a stunner.


Displayed in photos and videos I have taken over the years.


          -Don Gillham

**** Note Videos might require using Chrome to view ****


Larry the master
Rust-Up Restorations Projects video
Sprint Speciale
Alfa Romeo Sprint Speciale: First started in 2012
Alfa Romeo Sprint Speciale: Early 2016
Alfa Romeo Sprint Speciale: Winning Best in Alfa in show at Concorso, 2016
Sprint Test Dive:
Sprint Test Dive #2: Recent
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