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Looking For Something Alfa?

     For parts check out our list of suppliers, for technical advice and organizations check out our list of clubs and groups. All opinions expressed about suppliers, clubs, community sites, etcetera, belong to our company founder and are his expressed opinions.




Hooligan Racing's List of Favorite Suppliers  

     These are suppliers that we have had good dealings with and who are, in our opinion, worth dealing with again. If you try them we hope your experience will be as good as ours has been.

AFRA – Settimo Milanese (MI) Italy

     A great source of vintage Alfa parts, AFRA is best accessed in person or on line using numbers sourced from Alfa parts books.


Auto Italia Sportiva - Lionel Velez – Richardson, TX 972-849-6306

     The best source for correct wiring harness Giulietta and Giulia Spiders,

Sprints and other Alfas. Lionel is a good guy.


ALFA Parts – Jon Norman - Berkeley, CA 800-890-2532

     Jon knows his Alfas! The Best US source of OEM Parts.


ALFA Stop – Tony Stevens – Bellper, Derbyshire, GB

     Tony is a one man operation, He is best contacted during working hours in England. Alfa Stop is the source of the best Alfa Brake parts and high quality small batch reproduction parts I know of. Tony is passionate about Giuliettas. The UK source for Hooligan Racing Restoration Decals.


Auto Electric Supplies -Tenbury Wells, Worcestershire, UK

     A treasure chest of electrical fittings and wire, Also the source of dynator alternators that look like vintage Lucas and Bosch generators. Fast shipping.


myalfa - Lüdinghausen, Germany

     myalfa is a great source for 105 parts, but they also are good for reproduction parts for 750 and 101 cars. Great service and DHL shipping. English or German Web catalogue.

Black Bart’s Emporium - East Palatka, Florida, USA 800-473-0078

     Bob is a great source original badges, some NOS and Original Giulietta parts.


Centerline International - Lafayette, Colorado - 888-750-2532

     A good source for oil filters, air filters, and engine maintainence or rebuild parts. Centerline sells some reproduction parts for 750, 101 and 105 cars. Centerline merged with International Auto Parts in 2015. Great customer service and fast shipping.


Classic Alfa – Croydon, UK

     A great Source for 750-101 repro parts. Great customer Service and shipping with DHL.


Elvezio Esposito – Cosenza, Calabria, Italy

     A good and dependable source for reproduction upholstery and carpeting kits. They also carry many rubber weather-stripping pieces. Replys in English or Italian.


Ereminas Imports [no website]– Don Ereminas - Torrington, CT 800-253-2468

     Engine parts and rebuiling of 101-115 transmissions w/lightened gears

Home of the TZ replica.


Hein Brand Automotive- Aachen, Germany

     Hein speaks English and Alfa Romeo. He is a good source for 750 NOS parts.


Holden Vintage and Classic - Linton Trading Estate, Bromyard, Herefordshire, UK

     Holden is a great source for Lucas parts, Electrical switches and Wiper arms.

Nice Web catalogue. Fast shipping service.


Newco Products - Chatsworth, California 

      A great source for reproduction parts that are shared with Ferrari like spring wound fuel line Lobo bolts and Copiglia Clamps.


McMaster-Carr - Santa Fe Springs, California

     The best online hardware store, a great source for metric fastener, rubber extrusions, tools and general hardware.


OKP Parts & Engineering GmbH – Munich, Germany

     OKP is one of the major suppliers of Giulietta Reproduction parts in the world. Not every thing they have is in the catalogue, a personal note to Christian sometimes brings amazing results. OKP purchased the entire stock and source list of Diego Carrera following his death. New parts are being added frequently. A nice web catalogure in both german and English. Contact: Christian Ondrak, <> or <>


Parts Correct - CA

     Source of the best Giulietta reproduction gauge faces and gauge restoration.


Pierce Manifolds – Gilroy, CA 408-842-6667

     Weber Carburetor Parts and service. Best source for DCOE jets and Venturis.


Radici USA

     A great source for Italian Wool Carpet.


Robbins Auto Top, LLC – Oxnard, CA 805-604-3201

     Robbins tops are very high quality. Special order Sunfast cloth with hand rolled edges and padded quarters for the best top available.


Veloce Space – Patrick Hung- CA

     A good source for rubber and Upholstery parts. Patrick also sells some good quality enthusiast generated reproduction parts.



Alfa Romeo Owners Clubs, Discussion Groups,

Giulietta Blogs and Technical Advisers

Alfa Romeo 750-101 Discussion List – on Yahoo Groups*

     This is the best place on the internet to get help with restoration and operation of these cars. The LIST has over 800 members worldwide including many professional Giulietta restorers and mechanics. Group access is by subscription only. See the web site for information.


* Subscription approval requires ownership of a Type 750 or 101 Alfa Romeo, and submission of a questionaire (sent to you upon receipt of your subscription request).


Alfa Romeo Bulletin Board and Forums

     If it's about Alfa Romeo it's here. The archives is a great place to glean technical information. Alfa BB also features an active Classified Section.


Alfa Romeo Owners of Oregon

     AROO Website, Check often for activities. George Kraus the Alfa Bits Editor does a great job with the newsletter.


The Giulietta Register – Peter Yaxley – GB

     A worldwide club and register for 750 & 101 Giuliettas. The award-winning quarterly magazine "the Giuliettaletta" is well worth the £39 Sterling yearly membership fee.


Matt Hamilton's Giuliettas Blog

     A subscriber blog about Giuliettas, I especially like Matt's Giulietta Market place reviews of Giuliettas for sale.


Tom Sahines [no website] – AROC Tech Advisor, Pre-F.I. Cars - CA 408-262-6279, Weekdays 9-10P.M. PST

Clubs & Groups

Favorite Cohorts of Hooligan Racing LLC

Nick's Rods and Rides 

     A Fantastic painting company, that does amazing work.


Larry's Upholstery [no website]
     Andy (Larry's son) does phenomenal seats and interors.

Denny Pillar [no website]

     An oldtime Alfa mechanic and race car driver.


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